Cestal for dogs

Cestal Plus is an anthelmintic drug for dogs developed by a French company. Its feature is a wide range of actions, therefore it is used to combat various round and ribbon worms, as well as the prevention of their appearance. If you do not exceed the dosage, Cestal is not dangerous for dogs, but it is necessary to study the instructions supplied with the medicine.

Composition and form of release

Cestal is available in the form of yellowish-gray round tablets that have a groove for separation. Its presence greatly simplifies the division of tablets to measure the desired dose. Convenience will be appreciated by small dog breeds

Tablets are packed in aluminum blisters of 2 pieces. In a cardboard package there are 5 such blisters (10 tablets) and instructions for use. The weight of one tablet is 700 mg. Active substances are:

  • fenbendazole (concentration - 200 mg in 1 tablet);
  • pyrantel pamoate (144 mg);
  • praziquantel (50 mg).

Each of the active components has a detrimental effect on worms parasitizing in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Included in the composition and excipients. One of the auxiliary substances is the flavor of the liver. It gives the tablets a pleasant smell for animals.

Pharmacological properties

Cestal plus is used to destroy and prevent nematodes and cestodes. A wide spectrum of action is due to a combination of three active substances, each of which affects sexually mature individuals and larvae of worms:

  1. Praziquantel is deadly to cestodes. Cell membranes become more permeable to calcium ions. As a result, there is a reduction in the muscles of the worms, which causes paralysis and, as a result, death. A feature of the substance is the rapid absorption into the blood and spread throughout the body. The half-life of praziquantel from the body is 24 hours.
  2. Pyrantel pamoat is a danger to nematodes. It contributes to impaired transmission of nerve impulses. "Information blockade" causes paralysis, which leads to death. Absorbed in the intestines. It has a long action. It is excreted after metabolism along with feces.
  3. Fenbendazole acts mainly against nematodes, although it creates adverse conditions for tapeworms. Parasites under its action die in a short time due to a violation of energy metabolism. It is practically not absorbed in the intestine, for a long time it is excreted from the body in most part along with feces, as well as urine.

Anthelmintic does not have a mutagenic effect, does not possess embryotoxic property.

Indications for use

Cestal is used to treat helminthic invasions caused by round or tapeworms. They live in the gastrointestinal tract. Their presence may be indicated by vomiting and other disorders of the digestive tract, lack of weight gain, poor health of the animal.

A medicine is prescribed for preventive purposes to prevent infection by worms. The tool is used for deworming before mating and vaccination.

Consultation with a veterinarian is required!

Instructions for use

Use Cestal for dogs according to the instructions for use. The dose of the drug is calculated taking into account the weight of the animal:

  1. For puppies and small dogs weighing less than 2 kg, you will need a quarter of one tablet.
  2. Pets weighing from 2 to 5 kg should be given 0.5 tablets.
  3. For dogs weighing from 5 to 10 kg, 1 pill is needed.
  4. For animals weighing 10 to 20 kg, 2 tablets should be taken.
  5. If the animal weighs 20-30 kg, 3 pills should be given.
  6. If the pet's weight is between 30 and 40 kg, 4 tablets must be taken.
  7. For large animals weighing more than 40 kg, 5 pills are required.

To get rid of worms, the medicine is given once. For severe or mixed invasions, the treatment is repeated after 2 weeks. For the purpose of prevention, Cestal is given to dogs at the above doses once a quarter.

You can give the drug one of the proposed options:

  1. Hide the tablet in feed and feed the animal. You can mix it with minced meat or hide it in a piece of meat or other goodies that your dog loves.
  2. Force the product onto the root of the pet's tongue so that it cannot spit out the medicine.
  3. Pound the tablet into powder and dissolve in a small amount of water (boil and cool beforehand). Using a syringe without a needle, inject the medicine directly into the mouth.

The drug should be given to the animal before morning feeding. Processing from worms using Cestal does not require special preparation. The animal does not need to be kept on a special diet, give laxatives or put an enema.

Preventive measures with infection with worms should begin after 21 days of the puppy's life.

Contraindications and side effects

Sometimes you should not use Cestal plus for dogs. Contraindications are:

  • age up to 3 weeks;
  • infectious diseases;
  • intolerance to the constituents;
  • recovery period after surgery and serious illness.

It is allowed to use the medicine in the first half of pregnancy. A doctor’s consultation is then necessary. He will be able to correctly determine the dosage of the drug.

It is impossible to combine the use of Cestal with drugs with piperazine and other anthelmintics, since an increase in toxicity can negatively affect the state of health and cause serious side effects.

Side effects as a result of the use of the drug are rarely. If the dosage is exceeded, a deterioration in appetite or a refusal of food, diarrhea or vomiting, and a depressed state may appear. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor. He will prescribe symptomatic treatment.

Sometimes a medicine causes an allergic reaction. If this happens, antihistamines and symptomatic treatment are prescribed. Pets with hypersensitivity are given the drug with caution and after consulting a doctor.

Precautions and storage rules

Since Cestal plus contains toxic substances, you should adhere to the general rules for working with veterinary drugs. At the end of the procedure, wash your hands, not forgetting the soap.

If you experience an allergic reaction after contact with the medicine, you should go to the hospital. People with hypersensitivity should be extremely careful.

According to the instructions, it is necessary to store Cestal plus at a temperature of +5 to + 20 ° C in a dry place and protected from sunlight. You can store the drug for 2 years from the date of manufacture, but only in the original packaging from the manufacturer.

Animals and children should not have access to anthelmintic. Do not store it near food and pet food.


You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

In many pharmacies, Cestal tablets for dogs can be bought individually. The cost per tablet varies from 80 to 100 rubles. For packaging (10 pieces) will have to pay from 800 to 1000 rubles.

Owner reviews

Alena, mistress of a one-year-old dog:

“From the moment we took a little puppy from our friends, he had digestive problems. We tried different feeds and dietary conditions, but the result was zero, so we went to the clinic. After passing the tests, we found worms. First we took Milbemax, but the worms remained. After the veterinarian prescribed Cestal plus. When they checked again, no worms were found. Now we regularly use the drug every three months for prevention. We are satisfied with the result. "

Victor, the owner of the beagle:

"We went to the village to rest with a dog. On the third day he started vomiting, refused to eat, lay and did not want to walk. We went to a veterinary clinic, found worms. The doctor recommended Cestal. The next day, they saw several worms in the feces. The procedure was repeated through two weeks. I recommend. "

Maria, owner of the German Shepherd:

"We constantly use Cestal before mating and vaccination. The dog tolerates the drug well. The only drawback is that you have to give several tablets (forcibly, our pet didn’t appreciate the smell of the liver). Several tests were taken, everything is clean. The product copes with its functions."

Veterinarian reviews

Anastasia, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

"Cestal is a modern and effective anthelmintic drug. Its main advantage is a wide spectrum of action. I recommend using it not only to combat worms, but also to prevent their occurrence. I prescribe the medicine with Enterogel because it contains toxic substances for the liver. It rarely causes side effects actions".

Alexey, veterinarian:

“The imported drug Cestal perfectly helps fight internal parasites, which are dangerous not only for animals, but also for people. And although its cost is quite high, its effectiveness completely compensates. In my practice, there were no cases when this tool could not cope with the destruction of worms "I recommend it for use, but do not forget that it is still poison, and do not exceed the dose."

Tatyana Mikhailovna, veterinarian in Yekaterinburg:

"I think Cestal is one of the most effective anthelmintic drugs. Often I prescribe it to my fluffy patients for both treatment and prevention. In my practice, the drug did not fail and always helped get rid of parasites."

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