Cestal for cats

Cestal is a combined drug that is used for cats to prevent infection by internal parasites and to treat helminthic invasions. Since it contains two active components, it effectively acts against round and tapeworms. The company Ceva, which is engaged in the manufacture of the medicine, carefully calculated the formula of the medication so that it is safe for animals of different breeds and ages.

Release form and differences

Cestal is produced in the form of tablets. Round and flat gray-yellow tablets. There is a dividing groove in the middle, which allows you to accurately measure the required amount of antiparasitic agent for small pets.

In a cardboard package, 5 blisters are usually placed, 2 tablets each. In many pharmacies, tablets are sold individually, so without a problem you can purchase the necessary amount, depending on the weight of the animal.

An important advantage of the drug is that there is no need to observe special storage conditions. It is enough that the air temperature does not exceed 25˚C, and the storage location is dry and away from direct sunlight.

Note! Children and pets (not only cats, but also dogs) should not have access to the drug.

Composition and principle of action

The complex antiparasitic effect is due to the active components included in the composition:

  • Praziquantel. The substance is active against tapeworms. The principle of action is that praziquantel increases the permeability of cell membranes. As a result, the muscles of the parasites are reduced and complete paralysis occurs, which inevitably leads to their death. In addition, the active component contributes to the destruction of helminths, which simplifies their removal from the body.
  • Pyrantela embonate. The component negatively affects roundworms. It increases the permeability of cell membranes, and also disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses. As a result of such exposure, parasites die in a short period of time.

Both components are rapidly absorbed into the blood. For example, the concentration of pyrantel in the blood reaches its maximum value in 2-4 hours. Basically, active substances are excreted from the body of the animal with urine, and partially with feces.

The composition of the drug includes auxiliary components: palm oil, maltodextrin, starch and others, which give the drug a taste of the liver. Due to this, many cats independently eat medicine without coercion.


Compared to other anthelmintic drugs, the price of Cestal is low. One tablet in online pharmacies is about 90-100 rubles, while in ordinary pharmacies the cost may be slightly higher. You can buy the drug in any pet store, veterinary pharmacy or online store. A doctor's prescription is not required for the purchase.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Indications for use

Instructions for use prescribed that Cestal to cats and cats is prescribed for the treatment of the following helminthic infestations:

  • toxocariosis;
  • dipylidiosis;
  • toxascariasis;
  • hookworm;
  • uncinariosis;
  • diphyllobothriasis;
  • trichocephalosis.

Also, the drug can be used to prevent infection by internal parasites. Prevention should be carried out quarterly, as well as before mating and vaccination.

Features of application and dosage

Give the medicine one-time. According to the instructions, the dosage of Cestal for cats is calculated taking into account the weight of the animal:

  1. For kittens weighing up to 1 kg, a single dose is a quarter of a tablet.
  2. If the animal's weight is in the range of 1 to 2 kg, half the tablet will be required.
  3. For pets weighing 2-4 kg, you need to take 1 tablet.
  4. If the animal weighs 4-8 kg, 2 tablets should be given.
  5. Cats and cats weighing more than 8 kg at a time need to feed 3 tablets.

Since the drug tastes like a liver, you can simply invite the animal to eat it. If the pet refuses, you can give the medicine in the following ways:

  1. Forcibly put on the root of the tongue, raise the head of the pet and pat on the neck to cause a swallowing reflex.
  2. Crush the tablets into powder, and then add to dry food or canned food.
  3. Dilute the diluted preparation in a small amount of water. Sing the prepared solution to the animal. It is better to do this forcefully with a syringe without a needle.

Before the anthelmintic, you do not need to specifically adhere to a hungry diet or give laxatives to the animal the day before.

Note! Cestal is available in two versions - for cats and for dogs. Buy only medicine intended for cats, as the concentration of active substances in it is lower.

Contraindications and side effects

In general, an antiparasitic agent is considered safe and has practically no contraindications. Refuse should be with intolerance to the components, including in the anamnesis, since there is a high risk of allergies. It is strictly forbidden to give Cestal to kittens up to 3 weeks of age. The drug can be used for weakened and pregnant animals, but only after consultation with a veterinarian.

You can not give a medicine with piperazine, as this can cause toxic poisoning of the body and serious consequences.

The instructions indicate that Cestal does not cause side effects and is always well tolerated by cats even when the dose is exceeded. In some cases, allergic reactions occur that can manifest themselves with a rash, redness, and other dermatological pathologies. If the animal is allergic to the drug, it is necessary to abandon its further use and choose an antiparasitic agent with other active ingredients.

It should be noted that the composition of the medication includes components that can cause the following side effects:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • refusal of food or poor appetite;
  • lethargy;
  • apathy, etc.

If one or more of these symptoms is found, contact your veterinarian to prescribe symptomatic treatment.

Precautionary measures

Since the composition of Cestal includes toxic components, it is necessary to observe safety measures when working with it. People with hypersensitivity should use rubber gloves to prevent unwanted reactions from the body. If you are allergic, you should consult a doctor, taking with you a package of the medicine.

If tablets accidentally enter the human body, you need to rinse your stomach and seek medical help.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of an antiparasitic agent include:

  • convenient form of release;
  • good taste (as the manufacturer claims);
  • the possibility of use for adult pets and kittens (from 3 weeks);
  • ease of dosage and use;
  • high efficiency;
  • availability in pharmacies;
  • lack of compliance with special storage conditions;
  • broad spectrum action.

The drug also has disadvantages:

  • if used improperly, it can cause allergic reactions and problems from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the likelihood of an overdose when used together with other antiparasitic agents.

Owner reviews

Margarita, the owner of a British cat:

"They bought Cestal in a pet shop on the advice of saleswomen. They assured that they were buying a drug for their pets. At first I mixed the medicine with Lada’s favorite food, but she refused to cut it. Apparently, she smelled the smell of the liver. I had to give it to the root of the tongue. For us, this the procedure is unpleasant, but every 3-4 months you can tolerate. The drug works and this is important! "

Anastasia, mistress of a 4-year-old cat:

“I usually use Melbamax for deworming, but this time he wasn’t in the pharmacy. I chose Cestal as an alternative, and I regretted it very much afterwards. The cat was hospitalized with poisoning. He was on the droppers and could hardly leave, although the medicine was given according to the instructions. Not I can recommend this medicine to other owners of cats and cats. "

Maria, mistress of kimrika:

"When the worms were found in the cat, the doctor prescribed Cestal. The cat refused to eat pills, even when mixed with food. They decided to mash it into powder and dilute it in water, but after doing this, we had a severe chemical burn on our hands. We got rid of parasites. but for prevention I don’t give this strong drug to the animal. "

Veterinarian reviews

Dmitry, veterinarian:

"Cestal is a good anti-parasite. And although the manufacturer claims that it does not cause side effects, they can refute it. Once we received a kitten with severe poisoning with a medication. It was not possible to save it. The owners did not calculate the dose correctly and the animal’s body could not cope."

Olga, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

“I think that pets should be regularly dewormed, and Cestal is well suited for these purposes. Its main advantage is that it destroys round and tapeworms. Unfortunately, side effects sometimes occur, as when using other anthelmintic agents "Do not forget that you give the animal poison, albeit in small quantities. Observe the recommended doses!"

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