DIY panties for dogs during estrus

The estrus period is a difficult time not only for the dog, but also for its owner. It is not only about the need to pay more attention to the pet, not to let it off the leash during walks and not to let other animals in, but also the appearance of bloody secretions, from which you need to protect your home.

Someone advises to limit the movement of the animal in the apartment, remove the carpets, and cover the floors with newspapers or diapers. But a more rational option is hygiene pants for dogs, in which a special pad is placed. They will be especially relevant if animals are used to sleeping on an armchair or sofa. It is impossible to wean them from such a habit, and underpants will help prevent stains on furniture or carpets. You can buy them in a store or sew them yourself, taking into account all the features of the constitution of your animal.

The easiest option - from tights

We take children's tights suitable for the pet size. The main requirement is the presence of elastane or spandex, which will ensure the elasticity of the product and prevent the appearance of "arrows".

  • We back down 5-6 cm from the crotch and cut off the stockings - as a result, shorts are obtained.
  • We try on a dog to mark the place of the tail hole, which can be done using any round object (for example, cork from a bottle). It must be borne in mind that the fabric will stretch, so it is better to make the hole small and immediately toss it.

It is important to pay attention so that the gum does not squeeze the stomach very much, and at the same time does not allow the laundry to subside.

  • We process all places of cuts with a simple bend and hem.
  • Do-it-yourself panties for dogs with estrus

The remaining parts of the tights can be used as braces, if the dog will cunningly and pull off an unusual item of clothing immediately after putting on. For this, it is necessary to sew them to the panties from the side of the chest, and for fastening from the back, first sew buttons to the belt on the back, and loops made of rubber band on the edges of the straps.

Briefs for dogs with the construction of patterns

A more difficult option is to sew the underpants according to an individually constructed pattern. For this you need:

  • fabric (you can use an old T-shirt or bedding);
  • wide and narrow elastic;
  • Velcro tape
  • centimeter;
  • scissors.

Before you build a pattern, you need to take measurements to get a convenient and safe garment in the end. For the basics, you can take the pattern shown in the figure, where:

  • AA1, BB1 - half waist circumference;
  • AB, A1B1 - the depth of the product (put a centimeter on the back at a right angle to the waist line, lay to the tail and under it to the waist, but from the abdomen).

It is also necessary to measure the distance from the waist line to the base of the tail to get the length of the cut for the tail (hereinafter marked with an “X” on the fabric pattern).

Given the measurements we draw a rectangle on the shirt. On one of the smaller sides of the rectangle, mark the middle and measure down the distance to the point X - this will subsequently be a cut for the tail. On the long sides of the rectangle we mark the armholes for the hind legs, which need to be deepened by about 4 cm. To get a more accurate width, you can measure the distance between the hind legs (measured on the lower abdomen).

We cut the resulting pattern into the armholes and smaller segments of the rectangle and make a cut to point X. Next, measure the length of the elastic bands:

  • for a wide elastic band - measure the length 5-7 cm less than the waist circumference (for a more tight fit panties) and cut into two halves, which will be sewn along the waist line from the back and abdomen;
  • for narrow gum - we postpone two segments 7-8 cm less than the length of the armhole.

We process the cut for the tail with a zigzag stitch, having previously tucked the edges. At the edges of the armhole, we put in an elastic band, we also tuck and process a zigzag stitch, stretching the elastic a little during operation.

Now we proceed to the belt: slightly pull the half of the elastic band so that its length is equal to the cut of the underpants, and sew to the front part with a zigzag seam. Next, we sweep the upper part of the cut for the tail and sew the second part of the elastic on the back in the same way.

On the sides of the rubber belt we sew pieces of Velcro tape (about 4 cm) so that the panties are more comfortable to put on.

It remains only to glue the sanitary pad from the inside and you can put the product on the dog.

The main thing when sewing panties for a dog is to take into account the size of the pet and to choose high-quality breathing fabric, since synthetics can cause dermatitis or allergic reactions. They should not be too tight so as not to disturb the blood circulation, but not too large so as not to subside and not interfere with walking. If after putting on the underpants, the dog’s gait has not changed, and redness and marks from rough seams or elastic bands have not appeared on the body, then you have managed to sew suitable underpants for estrus. Over time, she will cease to notice them and this piece of clothing will fulfill its main purpose - it will relieve red spots throughout the house, and during walks it will protect against infections.

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