Troncil-K for cats

Troncil-K is an anthelmintic drug developed specifically for cats by specialists of the Russian company Vetbiohim. Due to its complex composition, it is effectively used to destroy various types of internal parasites. The specially developed formula is well suited for both adult pets and kittens.

General description

Anthelmintic is made in the form of tablets. Quite large-sized tablets of a white or yellowish tint are packed in blisters of 10 pieces. There are usually 2 such blisters in a cardboard box, but in some pharmacies they are sold separately, and sometimes they even sell tablets individually, for the convenience of customers. When you purchase all the packaging, you additionally receive informational stickers about deworming for gluing into the veterinary passport.

The manufacturer managed to achieve high efficiency and a wide spectrum of action due to the combination of two components - praziquantel and pyrantel embonate. The concentration of active substances is carefully calculated taking into account the size and characteristics of domestic representatives of the Feline family. The composition also includes auxiliary components, but they do not have an effect on the animal's body.

Important! Troncil is available separately for cats and dogs. Choose the drug for the intended purpose, since among themselves they differ not only in the concentration of active substances, but also in composition.

The medicine is stored 5 years from the date of production, while special conditions do not need to be observed. The main thing is to place the blisters away from direct sunlight and make sure that the air temperature does not exceed the mark of 25 degrees.

Operating principle

Since Tronzil-K combines two active components, it has the following effect:

  • destroys roundworms;
  • terminates the activity of tape helminths;
  • prevents the development of larvae and eggs;
  • contributes to the natural elimination of parasites from the body of the animal.

Anthelmintic effectively copes with the destruction of roundworm, toxocar, echinococcus and other internal parasites. It acts on almost all types of worms that can inhabit the cat's body, as it simultaneously affects the metabolism, the work of the muscular and nervous systems of parasites.

Praziquantel and pyrantel not only contribute to the death of sexually mature individuals, but also affect parasites at other stages of development. Due to this, a single dose is usually enough for the animal to completely get rid of worms.

Troncil-K is considered a safe anthelmintic, but the doses prescribed in the instructions must be observed. Do not forget that the medicine, although in small quantities, contains toxic substances.


The price of Troncil-K, intended for cats, ranges from 280-300 rubles per pack of 20 tablets. Since the medicine is produced by a Russian company, there is usually no shortage of it in pharmacies. You can buy the medicine at the nearest veterinary pharmacy or order on the Internet.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

When applied

The complex composition provided a large list of indications for the use of Troncil. The drug is effectively used to treat pathologies caused by worms of different types:

  • roundworms;
  • hookworms;
  • echinococcus;
  • pork tapeworm;
  • cucumber tapeworm and others.

Also, the drug can be used for preventive purposes - to prevent infection with parasites that live in the digestive system or other organs. Experts recommend regularly conducting worm prophylaxis even for domestic cats, since it is not necessary to leave the house for infection. Troncil-K is well suited for these purposes. It acts mildly and when doses are observed does not adversely affect the liver and other internal organs. Its components do not accumulate in the body, while it does not affect development.

Do not neglect the need to regularly anthelminthic pets, especially if children live in the house. Some types of helminths can parasitize in animals and humans.

How to apply

According to the instructions for use, Troncil-K cats can be given in different ways:

  1. Hide the pill in your favorite pet treat. It can be a piece of meat, minced meat or other goodies that the pet likes. Previously, you can divide the dose into several parts, so that the drug is easier to disguise. Cats have an excellent sense of smell, so they often refuse useful treats.
  2. If the previous option is not suitable for your pet, then you will have to resort to forced admission. Lay the tablet on the root of the tongue, keep the animal’s head up and pat it on the neck to cause a swallowing reflex.
  3. For kittens, you can prepare a medicinal solution. To do this, crush the tablet in a convenient way and dissolve in water. Pour the prepared solution with a syringe without a needle into the mouth, while keeping the pet's head raised.

The dosage of the anthelmintic is calculated by the weight of the animal:

  • for kittens weighing less than 1 kg, a quarter of the tablet is enough;
  • with a weight of 1-2 kg you need half a tablet;
  • for pets weighing 2-3 kg 3/4 tablets;
  • for cats cats weighing 3-4 kg will need 1 tablet;
  • for animals that weigh 4-5 kg, you need to take 1 whole and another quarter tablets.

Before deworming, you do not need to prepare in the form of a hungry diet or bowel wash. The effectiveness of the drug does not depend on the use of food, although some veterinarians recommend giving Tronzil to cats in the morning before feeding or during meals. Since the worms come out in a natural way, it is not necessary to give the animal a laxative.

For therapeutic purposes, the drug is given once according to indications. With severe infection, you may need to take it again after 10-14 days, but only a doctor should prescribe it. To prevent the appearance of helminths, the medicine is given to the animal every 3 months.

Contraindications and side effects

The instructions indicate that Troncil-K has no contraindications, but kittens can only be given to it from 3 weeks of age. It is necessary to refrain from using the medicine for pregnant females, especially in the first half of bearing offspring. Although, if necessary, the medicine can be used. There are no other contraindications.

Important! Troncil-K cannot be combined with other anthelmintics, as this leads to an increase in their toxicity. As a result, the risk of side effects and symptoms of drug poisoning increases.

Usually, the medication is well tolerated by kittens and adult animals. In rare cases, with intolerance to the components, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea may occur. Also, the pet can become depressed and inactive, refuse to eat or just eat poorly. If the symptoms do not show much, special measures are not necessary. If signs of intolerance do not go away on their own, you may need to use an antiallergenic drug and symptomatic therapy.

Owner reviews

Svetlana, mistress of a 3-year-old Persian cat:

“Previously, Drontal was used for anthelmintic. After each administration, the cat was lethargic for 2-3 days, didn’t eat well, and generally did not tolerate deworming. Once this drug was not in the pharmacy, and the pharmacist advised Troncil-K. It was not possible to hide the pill in the feed. Our beauty immediately scented the catch and simply refused to eat it. Husband had to hold it and I shoved the pill in the throat. My surprise was that there were no side effects. There was nothing to indicate the anthelmintic. The cat was still running around the house and with big ppetitom ate. Excellent tool, now I'll only buy it, the more inexpensive. "

Zhenya, mistress of 2 cats:

“She always dewormed her cats regularly, but an unpleasant story happened to me. A kitten with worms got into overexposure. She gave him medicine, which I use constantly, but the worms kept coming out of it alive. While trying to get rid of the worms into the kitten, they appeared in adult animals, so they couldn’t avoid going to the clinic. The doctor prescribed Troncil-K. Already after the first dose all the worms died. After a while they passed the tests again, they didn’t find any parasites. An affordable and highly effective drug. "

Veterinarian reviews

Oksana, veterinarian from the Vladimir clinic:

"The main advantage of Troncil is that it is designed specifically for dogs and cats. Thanks to this, it works effectively, but is safe. Even small kittens can tolerate this drug. Moreover, it can be given as early as 3 weeks. Side effects occur extremely rare. I can re-read such cases on my fingers in my practice. "

Dmitry, a veterinarian with 9 years of experience:

“Cheap drugs can be as effective as expensive drugs. Troncil is a clear confirmation of this. One tablet costs about 15 rubles. For comparison, imported analogues cost 6-10 times more expensive. At the same time, it copes well with the destruction of round and tapeworms. Often I recommend it it’s also for prevention, since side effects are very rare. "

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