Troncil for dogs

Troncil for dogs is a complex drug that is used to treat helminthic invasions. It is also used in the treatment of giardiasis, schistosomiasis, opisthorchiasis and other parasitic diseases. The active components of Tronzil are praziquantel, pyrantelembonate and febantel actively fighting all types of worms.


In the warm season, the number of infections of dogs with parasites increases. During this period of time, helminths can become infected when swimming in water. Worms can lead to many problems, and in some cases it comes to tragic consequences. To avoid this, it is necessary to use anthelmintics, one of the inexpensive options is Tronzil.

The tool helps in the fight against all types of round and flat worms. It is used in the deworming of animals infected with parasites, and the prevention of nematodoses and cestodoses. Active components quickly cope with adult worms and their larvae. Available in blister packs of ten tablets only. Each package contains two such plates.

Troncil is a common drug for the treatment of schistosomiasis and giardiasis. It has low toxicity to animals. After oral administration, it is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and its peak concentration in blood plasma is reached two hours after taking the pill. After that, it spreads to all organs and tissues, causing paralysis in parasites, and then destroys them completely.

Active components remain in maximum concentration for twenty-four hours. After forty-eight hours, the drug is metabolized and excreted from the body through the urinary system and digestive organs. The cumulative effect of the drug is absent. One of the features of Troncil is the effect on all life cycles of round and flat worms, so a one-time treatment is enough.

The drug can be used in elderly dogs, and in very young puppies. In chronic diseases of the pet, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian to determine the dosage. The number of tablets depends on the weight of the animal.

Chemical properties

These are flavourless light yellow tablets with a slightly bitter taste. The drug is hygroscopic, soluble in water. Tronzil can be used as an analgesic due to the praziquantel component. The tool effectively copes with gastrointestinal nematodes. This is a kind of antibacterial drug, mainly used to treat schistosomiasis and giardiasis.

Refers to toxic substances that, when burned, form fumes of nitrogen oxides. Store Tronzil at a low temperature in a dry, well-ventilated area away from food, animals and children.

Instructions for use Troncil

Tronzil for dogs is used in accordance with the requirements set forth in the instructions. Before use, carefully calculate and verify the exact dosage. You need to give the drug with food, before that you can grind it and pour it into minced meat or other daily food.

When treating schistosomiasis and giardiasis, you should not miss taking pills, and if this happens, urgently give the pet an undelivered dose, and then contact your veterinarian to make a new schedule.

It should be noted that before using the drug, the dog does not need to set any restrictions on food. Sometimes veterinarians recommend giving a four-legged friend a laxative to avoid prolonged constipation. This happens in situations when the body of a dog has a huge amount of worms.

With instantaneous instant death, they accumulate in the digestive organs and begin to secrete harmful toxins. This will lead to a noticeable deterioration in the condition of the pet, so if you suspect intense infection, you must give a laxative.

The doses in the instructions for tronzil are as follows:

  • for dogs weighing ten kilograms - 1 whole tablet;
  • for pets weighing five and two kilograms, the tablet should be divided, in the first case in half, in the second - in four parts.

For all subsequent kilograms, a tablet is added, so if a four-legged friend weighs thirty kilograms, he must accordingly be given three whole tablets.


Although Troncil is quite well absorbed by the animal’s body, it still has contraindications.

The remedy should not be used by pregnant bitches due to the fact that the active components penetrate the blood-brain barrier. You can not give it after the birth of a nursing mother, since it can adversely affect the nervous system of newborn puppies, which threatens future pathologies and disorders.

All weakened animals with pathologies of the kidneys and liver, the appointment of the drug is not recommended. This is especially true in situations where infection with parasites is very strong - diseased organs may not tolerate such a load.

Also, tablets are not recommended for use:

  • babies who are not yet six weeks old;
  • four-legged pets suffering from infectious diseases;
  • animals with individual intolerance to the active substances of Troncil;
  • dogs allergic to the drug.

Tablets should not be used simultaneously with other anthelmintic agents.

For prophylactic purposes, troncil is used once every quarter. For treatment of parasitic infections, you should consult the dosages with your veterinarian. Before each viscous and vaccination, the dog should be anthelmintic for ten days.

Side effects

The product is well tolerated, but can cause the following side effects:

  • in the first hours dizziness is possible, and as a result of this loss of orientation;
  • headaches;
  • stomach ache;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness;
  • muscle pain.

All this does not affect deworming, does not last long and does not require any special treatment.

Storage conditions and price

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Tablets can be used five years after the production date indicated on the blister.

After the drug has expired, tablets should not be given to animals in any case. Pack the product in a container and dispose of with the rest of the garbage.

The price for a pack of twenty tablets is 265 rubles.

Impact on Giardia

Giardiasis is a dangerous parasitic disease that can be transmitted from a dog to a person and vice versa. Eliminate giardia helps Troncil. Usually, veterinarians prescribe one tablet per ten kilograms of the weight of the four-legged pet for three consecutive days.

Studies have shown that dogs infected with giardia, after a three-day course of treatment, completely got rid of parasites. At the same time, the drug is non-toxic to animals, it is naturally excreted within a day after consumption.

There are few contraindications to use, side effects are also minimal. Troncil can be used in puppies from the age of six weeks. In addition, it is a useful diagnostic tool that helps to rule out giardiasis and other helminthic infestations in dogs with chronic diarrhea.

In practice, a three-day use of the complex remedy is enough, but sometimes repeated therapy is needed. It is very useful to gobble up dogs with this drug without any symptoms of invasion if there are still animals in the family. This is to prevent infection of other people and animals.

Owner reviews

Svetlana, owner of the bull terrier:

“Before each vaccination and my dog’s viscous, I use this budget product. I like the composition. There are three active ingredients in the complex that destroy all existing parasites. The dog tolerates the medicine well, after deworming it is cheerful and active.”

Ivan, owner of the toy terrier:

“I bought Troncil on the advice of a pharmacist several years ago, and since then I have been using it only. My Frida tolerates it very well. I do not complicate anything, I don’t grind it, I just put a quarter of the tablet on the root of the tongue, the dog swallows and gets a tasty treat. Diarrhea and delays there’s never been a chair, we take tests - everything is great. The tool really helps and acts as it should. "

Alexei, the owner of the Labrador:

"The veterinarian recommended the pills, said that the composition is optimal, the means tested. I also liked the price, you can buy as many pills as you need for your dog. But I bought all twenty pills. My anthelmintic laboratory is regular, so everything will work. I just use it - I’m confusing with a rolling pin and I’m giving it with a minced meat. I make sure that I ate everything. After no side effects, I advise everyone. "

Veterinarian reviews

Galina, veterinarian with experience of 21 years:

"Often after the use of suspensions and various pastes, some dogs have excessive salivation and even vomiting. In order for the deworming to succeed, I recommend that four-legged pets give the anthelmintic drug Troncil. It is easy to dose and the animals tolerate it very well. Side effects are minor and short-lived." .

Vitaliy, a veterinarian with 9 years of experience:

"I recommend the complex drug Troncil to all my four-legged patients as an effective and effective remedy for giardiasis and schistosomiasis. In just three days, the tablets cope with parasitic diseases. In this case, the drug does not give any complications. Also, Troncil is a good drug for the prevention of helminthiasis, it works comprehensively and accurately "

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