Dog traumatine

Dogs are active animals, so dislocations, wounds, and injuries are common. Various medicines, for example, traumatine, help speed up the healing process of damaged tissues and rid the animal of torment. And although it is considered safe, when using Traumatine for dogs, strictly adhere to the instructions for use.

Despite the fact that the drug appeared on the market relatively recently, it has already managed to gain popularity among veterinarians and dog breeders. It perfectly combines safety and effectiveness, which is confirmed by the reviews of pet owners.


Traumatine for dogs is a homeopathic herbal preparation. Its complex action is aimed at eliminating and preventing inflammatory processes, suppuration and quick recovery after injuries or operations.

The composition includes such homeopathic components:

  1. Arnica - has a hemostatic effect. Tones and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It prevents the spread of sepsis, accelerates the healing of wounds and bruises of any nature.
  2. Chamomile - allows you to quickly relieve acute pain. It also has a sedative effect, eliminates inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  3. Calendula - helps to effectively fight purulent wounds. Accelerates the restoration of damaged tissues with lacerations, frostbite, burns.
  4. Echinacea - strengthens the immune system and helps the animal's body to resist infectious diseases, prevents the occurrence of sepsis and other serious complications in injuries of soft tissues and bones.
  5. St. John's wort - has an analgesic effect, and also contributes to the regeneration and restoration of the nervous system in case of damage to the spinal cord or brain, rupture of nerve fibers.
  6. Belladonna - reduces fever, acute pain and swelling. Effectively used in acute localized inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by severe pain, redness, swelling, fever.
  7. Sulfuric calcium liver - improves metabolic processes at the cellular level, which contributes to the launch of regenerative processes. Eliminates suppuration of any degree and severity.
  8. Immunomodulator ASD-2 - increases tissue immunity, triggers regeneration processes, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Also, the composition includes auxiliary components - sodium chloride, ethyl alcohol, purified water and others. The medicine is considered safe for animals and humans.

Release form and pharmacological action

Traumatine for dogs is available in the form of injectable solutions. Injections can be done intravenously or subcutaneously depending on the condition of the animal. Packed in bottles of 10 and 100 ml. Externally, it is a clear liquid. If there is turbidity, sediment or other impurities, you can not use the medicine.

Less commonly, traumatine is available in gel form or in tablets for oral use and topical treatment. The gel is a thick transparent substance with a yellowish tint. It happens in different volumes. Tablets are packaged in plastic bottles.

Store the open medicine in its original packaging away from sunlight. Animals and children should not have access to it, and there should not be any feed or food nearby. The air temperature must be between 0 and 30 ° C. An open bottle can be stored for no more than 3 weeks.

Pharmachologic effect:

  1. Eliminates pain of any nature. After the injection of Traumatin, there is no need to take other analgesics.
  2. Anti-shock effect occurs instantly with intravenous injection.
  3. Stops bleeding.
  4. Promotes resorption of edema and hematomas.
  5. Normalizes blood circulation at the site of injury.
  6. It stops inflammation.
  7. Prevents the penetration and spread of infection in the body.
  8. Eliminates suppuration.
  9. Starts regeneration processes.
  10. Stimulates redox processes, therefore, helps the animal move away from anesthesia faster after surgery.

The complex effect on the body allows you to recover faster after injuries and operations.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, traumatine can be prescribed in such cases:

  1. With fractures, dislocations, cracks and other injuries of bone tissue.
  2. With cuts, lacerations, burns, frostbite and other injuries of soft tissues.
  3. With abscesses, phlegmon and suppuration of a different nature.
  4. With arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases.
  5. With dermatitis and eczema, including those caused by ectoparasites.
  6. In oncology.
  7. With traumatic, anaphylactic and pain shock.
  8. With heat and sunstroke.
  9. With inflammation of any nature.

It is also prescribed after surgery. It helps the animal more easily move away from anesthesia and promotes rapid healing and restoration of tissue integrity. When using the medicine, scars do not form due to intensive cell regeneration.

Recommended traumatine and childbirth. It helps to eliminate pain and facilitate the birth process. In addition, it is prescribed for birth injuries, bleeding. The drug is used for puppies in the absence of a sucking reflex.

Instructions for use

Most often, traumatine for dogs is used as an injection. With intravenous injections, it has a quick anti-shock, analgesic and hemostatic effect, so it can be used as an emergency.

Use the tool as follows:

  1. The dosage of injections is calculated taking into account the weight of the animal - 0.1 ml per kilogram of weight. The drug is also allowed for puppies. A single dose is 0.5-2 ml. Usually, injections should be given twice a day. The course of treatment is 5-10 days, but can be changed up or down depending on the condition of the pet.
  2. Tablets give twice a day for 1-2 pieces, depending on the weight and age of the dog.
  3. The gel is used for topical treatment. It is applied in a thin layer to the location of the lesions.
  4. At birth, the drug is given once at the beginning of the process. If necessary, the medicine is given again after 3-4 hours.
  5. In the absence of a sucking reflex in puppies, they drip a solution of a few drops with an interval of 30 minutes until the functionality of the body is restored.

Despite the fact that the price of traumatine for dogs is available to every dog ​​breeder, it is necessary to study the instructions for use in detail before starting treatment. Use the medicine should be under the supervision of a physician.

It can be used in conjunction with symptomatic or etiological drugs, vitamin complexes, antibiotics, corticosteroids.

It is not recommended to skip receptions, as this can lead to a decrease in the therapeutic effect. If an injection was not possible on time, treatment should be restored in the first case according to the previously used scheme.

Side effects and contraindications

Traumatine is a low-risk drug (the fourth group), and therefore is allowed for use by puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches. Side effects and complications during the use of the drug were not detected. In rare cases, herbal components cause allergic reactions. In this case, stop taking and prescribe antihistamines.

The medicine has no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance to the components.

Precautionary measures

Traumatine is safe, therefore, does not pose a danger to humans. Nevertheless, you should follow simple safety measures:

  1. Wash hands with soap after handling the medicine.
  2. Keep it away from food.
  3. Limit children's access to the drug.

If it enters the mucous membranes, the medicine can cause irritation, therefore, thoroughly rinse this place with plenty of water in order to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions.


You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

If you are interested in Traumatine for dogs, the price of the drug depends on the form of release and volume, as well as the region, pharmacy and other influencing factors. The cost of tablets is about 190 rubles, and the gel is 120-130 per tube of 20 ml, but finding them in pharmacies, especially in small towns, is very difficult.

A solution for injection in 10-ml bottles costs 275-290 rubles, in bottles of 100 ml each - 1080-1150 rubles.


For the most part, dog reviews about Traumatine for dogs are positive. But sometimes breeders say that he does not help their animals at all or does not give the desired treatment results. It depends on the characteristics of the body, not the medicine.


"I have been using Travmatin for pets for a long time. I live in the village and have my own small household. But I could evaluate its effect when the dog could tear my paw tightly with a barbed wire. The vet sewed up the wound and prescribed further treatment. In addition to antibiotics and compresses, Tramatin was prescribed. We they pricked him for 3 days, and then he ended up in a village pharmacy. The wound immediately became very inflamed, swelling appeared. When the treatment was resumed, the dog quickly recovered. Over time, they forgot about the trouble that happened. "


“For the first time I bought it on the advice of my friend, an avid dog lover. I used the drug during the birth of my dog. I was pleased with the result. Once I had to use the medicine for a newborn puppy, which was very weak and lethargic. Now Tramatin is always in my medicine cabinet. A universal and safe remedy for animals. "

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