Tricolor cats

Three-color cats are always very popular among admirers of feline cats, as it is believed that they bring good luck and goodness to the owners. These animals always attract attention due to the unusual combination of white, red and black colors, which is considered the most valuable. But besides the original colors, there are many other puzzles and beliefs. If signs about cats of other colors can be negative or benevolent in nature depending on the country, then tricolors in any part of the world are associated only with positive emotions.

Varieties of three-color

Tri-color colors can be very diverse, but among the many combinations, the main ones can be distinguished:

  • Kaliko is a black and red color with white spots located throughout the body or in small areas. They can have clear boundaries, float on top of each other. The appearance of such an animal gives the impression that they put on “camouflage”, which creates an unusual and exotic appearance.
  • Harlequin - a coloring in which most of the body is painted with one color shade, and against its background, as a rule, “socks”, “hats” and a tail of different colors or several separate spots on the body stand out.

Another name for these tricolor animals is a tortoiseshell cat with white coloration, since it is precisely the white color that is often predominant.

The “tortoise” name of the cat is due to the similarity of color with the animals of the same name. To make sure that it is fair, just look at the crest of the polished shell - if you look at it in the sun, the similarity is obvious.

The above classification is rather conditional, since nature does not always recognize patterns. It should be understood that the three-color color can also be solid and patterned. In the first case, black and red spots are stained evenly. And the patterned color can be the most diverse and sometimes not even noticeable: only if you gently blow it onto the pet’s hair, you can see patterns in different combinations of white, black and red shades. But there are also cases when other close and not very shades are found.

Possible color combinations:

  • the first color is necessarily white;
  • the second color is red, brick, bright red, honey or cream;
  • the third color is black, chocolate, gray, blue, and purple.

"Tricolor" is the name of feline colors, which is not related to the breed, but most often this unusual coloring is found among outbred animals. But for some breeds, standards allow this kind of color. These include:

  • American Shorthair;
  • Aegean
  • Japanese bobtail;
  • Turkish van
  • Kurilian Bobtail;
  • Persian
  • Exotic
  • British Shorthair;
  • Norwegian Forest.


One of the most characteristic features of these animals is that the vast majority of them are female, due to the fact that the inheritance of the color of the coat is genetically linked to the floor.

In feline representatives in nature, there are two color options: red (red) and black. The genes responsible for each of them are linked to the floor and are located on the X chromosome, in its specific place (locus). They contain only one gene: "O" - red or "o" - the absence of red (ie black). Thus, in order for the offspring to turn out black-red, it is necessary that the two O and O genes, that is, two X chromosomes, are connected.

The standard chromosome set of the female is XX, and the male has XY, therefore it is almost impossible to have a cat with black and red colors at the same time. The white gene is not linked to the floor, so two-tone cats (white-red or black and white) are not uncommon.

In view of this, three-colored cats appear in very rare cases as a result of a gene mutation, when an extra X chromosome (XXY) is present in the genital set. For people, such mutations manifest serious diseases, but for animals they do not do any harm. According to statistics, for three thousand individuals, there is only one kitten of a tortoise-colored male. But such cats are usually sterile by nature, since an anomaly in the form of the presence of two X chromosomes is the cause of infertility. Three-color cats that can produce offspring are even less common - one in almost a million.

Why tricolor cats bring happiness

How can the color of a pet and happiness be related if a three-color cat is an ordinary animal that can be seen any day on the street? The point here is not the animal itself, but the importance attached to its color. Each of their colors is a reflection of a certain energy:

  • white - means pristine purity, peace and freshness;
  • black - symbolizes victory over misfortunes and ailments, and also protects from ill-wishers, intruders and evil spirits;
  • red - provides joy, happiness, health, the ability to make money and financial well-being throughout life.

When these three colors are present on one animal, their strength increases significantly. Thanks to this unusual color combination, three-colored cats are endowed with magical abilities and are considered the talisman of good luck.

Signs of different countries

Tricolor cats are revered by the traditions of many countries in the East and West:

  • In England, it is believed that tricolor pets bring calm, harmony, protection from illnesses and adversities to the house.
  • In the USA they are called money cats and believe that they are able to bring wealth and material well-being to the house.
  • In Muslim countries, they are convinced that the presence of three-color flowers can protect housing from an accidental fire.
  • In Japan, such cats are the talisman of happiness, so those who can not afford to keep an animal buy special figures "maneko neko." They are called "welcoming" and depict a cat with a raised front foot, which is placed at the entrance to the house and lures with a greeting lure and prosperity.

Seafarers and fishermen greatly appreciate three-mastered pets, as it is believed that they are able to protect the ship from the storm, wrecks and ensure its unhindered return home. This sign is explained by the fact that these animals feel better than others the weather changes and a sharp change in behavior serves as a signal of an approaching bad weather.

Despite some differences in interpretations, they are united by one thing - these unique animals bring good luck, health and fulfillment of desires, therefore, if a tricolor kitten comes to the house, it must not be driven away.

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