Traumatine for cats

Traumatine is a unique homeopathic medicine that is used for cats for various injuries, as well as after operations for a quick recovery. It has a fairly wide spectrum of action. It can be used both in monotherapy (treatment with one medicine), and in combination with other drugs. The drug was developed by the domestic company Helvet, which specializes in the manufacture of homeopathy for animals.

General description

Traumatine is available in the form of a solution intended for injection. Outwardly, it is a clear liquid that has no color. For filling the medicine, bottles of 10 and 100 ml of transparent glass are used. In most cases, it is more reasonable for cats to buy small bottles, although the weight of the animal and the duration of treatment should be considered.

Note! After opening the bottle, the solution is suitable for use for only 3 weeks. After this period, the medicine must be disposed of, while special measures do not need to be observed.

Bottles are necessarily blocked by rubber stoppers which help to maintain tightness. Keep the medicine away from sunlight and heat sources at plus temperature (not higher than 30 degrees Celsius).


Traumatine is a combined homeopathic medicine based on extracts of plant plants. The composition of the drug includes:

  • Arnica mountain tonic effect on the walls of blood vessels. In homeopathy, it is used to heal wounds and bruises, dislocations and edema.
  • Calendula It stimulates the regeneration processes, promotes the healing of lacerations and cut wounds, burns and frostbite. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, prevents suppuration and other complications.
  • Echinacea purpurea relieves inflammatory processes, strengthens the immune system in case of infections.
  • Hamomilla has a pronounced ability to relieve acute pain. It also eliminates inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Belladonna belladonna able to eliminate acute inflammatory processes, reduces sensitivity, resulting in less pain and suffering of the animal.
  • Hypericum perforatum has many useful properties. It is able to act as an anesthetic, and also has good regenerative properties. Effectively used for diseases of the nervous system, stimulates the recovery of the body after surgery.
  • Hepar sulfur or calcareous liver suppresses inflammatory processes that are accompanied by suppuration. Restores metabolic processes at the cellular level.
  • ASD-2 differs in a wide spectrum of action. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates tissue regeneration, increases cellular immunity and the body's resistance to various negative impact factors.


If you buy Traumatine for cats, choose a small 10-ml bottle, its price is 320-370 rubles. A large bottle of 100 ml will cost 1150-1200 rubles. You can buy medicine in almost any veterinary pharmacy or clinic. The drug is popular, so there is usually no shortage. In addition, it is not difficult to order a homeopathic remedy in an online pharmacy.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Pharmacological properties

Due to its complex composition, traumatine has the following effects on the animal's body:

  • relieves inflammatory processes;
  • relieves suppuration and prevents sepsis;
  • eliminates swelling;
  • stops bleeding;
  • effectively anesthetizes, eliminates even acute pain;
  • accelerates tissue regeneration;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves metabolism at the cellular level;
  • restores blood circulation in damaged tissues;
  • prevents the accumulation of pus.

The medicine does not cause locally irritating reactions and addiction. It does not adversely affect the development of offspring. It refers to low-hazard drugs and is usually well tolerated by representatives of different breeds.

Indications for use

According to the instructions for use, traumatine for cats is used for various injuries:

  • with fractures;
  • with dislocations;
  • with bite and lacerations;
  • with bruises;
  • with hematomas;
  • under tension, etc.

Due to the hemostatic property, the drug is effectively used for damage to the abdominal organs. Often, the medicine is used in acute inflammatory processes and pathologies that are accompanied by severe pain:

  • phlegmon;
  • abscesses;
  • toothache;
  • periodontal disease;
  • concussion, etc.

The drug is widely used in the treatment of gynecological diseases (endometritis, acute mastitis), and also as an aid in childbirth. Recommends the use of traumatine after surgery. The medicine accelerates the healing process of wounds, as it stimulates the regeneration processes, eases the condition of the animal (relieves pain, swelling) and prevents possible complications (suppuration, sepsis, inflammatory processes).

Note! Homeopathic medicine can be used as part of complex therapy. The drug is compatible with antibiotics, painkillers and other medicines for symptomatic treatment.

How to apply

According to the instructions, a single dose of Traumatin for cats is calculated taking into account the weight of the animal - 0.1 ml per 1 kg of weight. Injections are done intramuscularly or subcutaneously 1-3 times a day for 1-5 days. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the condition of the animal and the symptoms.

Depending on the pathology, traumatine is used according to the following schemes:

  1. With injuries, burns, frostbite and wounds, injections are made 1-3 times a day for 3-7 days, until the bone tissue and skin integument are restored.
  2. If the drug is used during obstetric care, it is injected before childbirth. If necessary, repeat the procedure after 3-4 hours.
  3. With mastitis, the medicine is combined with mastometrine. Injections are done 2 times a day, and the duration of treatment is 5-10 days, depending on the condition of the animal.

Also, a homeopathic remedy can be used in the absence of a sucking reflex in kittens. In this case, it is given 3-5 drops inward every 30 minutes until the condition of the animal is normal.

Note! It is not recommended to allow skipping injections of the drug, as this may reduce its effectiveness. Before starting treatment, consult your doctor.

Contraindications and side effects

A plant-based drug is considered safe and has no contraindications for use. It can be used for lactating and pregnant females, elderly cats and newborn kittens. To abandon the use of a homeopathic remedy is only with intolerance to the components, but this is quite rare.

Traumatine does not cause side effects even when exceeding the recommended dose. With intolerance, allergic reactions can occur. In this case, the use of the drug is stopped, and the pet is given an antiallergenic agent. Symptomatic treatment is sometimes required.

Owner reviews

Oksana, the owner of a 13-year-old cat:

“I had to get acquainted with this medicine under tragic circumstances. Our cat could not be born all night. We went to the hospital in the morning. It was impossible to do cesarean because of age, so the doctor practically squeezed out a kitten, which turned out to be a mutant. Muska was on the verge of death. Use potent drugs. The doctor advised to inject Traumatine. The very next day (after 2 injections) the cat left the room and ate a little. The medicine helped us save our beauty, and most importantly, it absolutely pretensioners. "

Victoria, avid catwoman:

"I have used traumatine for cats and cats for a long time. The first time was used for a young cat when his paw was broken. He quickly recovered. Later he was used to treat joints in an old cat. Often stabbing during childbirth. Once the drug saved the life of kittens. In general "This medication is always available in your home medicine cabinet. Often I use other Helvet medicines. It is effective and safe. There is no side effect."

Vita, mistress of an 8-year-old cat:

"Travmatin was prescribed to us when the hind legs began to be taken away from the cat. The reason was vertebral displacement. The injections did not give any result. Every day the animal became worse and worse, we couldn’t save it. I don’t know if the medicine is not effective, or we’re wrong prescribed treatment, but the fact remains. I can’t recommend it, although I read a lot of positive reviews on the network. "

Veterinarian reviews

Galina Andreevna, veterinarian with 12 years of experience:

"Traumatine has helped save me more than one life. I recommend using it during childbirth. Cats degenerate easily and quickly recover. I almost always prescribe it as a prophylactic after surgery. It contains only medicinal herbs, so it certainly will not bring harm."

Anton, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

"I heard a lot of positive reviews about Travmatin. One of the clients claimed that he helped save her the cat, but I personally do not use it in my practice. I believe that herbal treatment should remain in the last century. There are many effective and safe drugs on the market for animals. The main thing is to choose the right treatment. "

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