Stencils of cats and cats for decor

The desire to surround yourself with beautiful things, giving housing a stylish and unique image, is natural for any of us. Designers offer a lot of options to turn the apartment into a cozy nest. The easiest and most affordable way to create an exclusive decor is to use stencils. Fans of four-legged ones will like the idea of ​​decorating the interior using a cat’s stencil for decoration, which can be done with your own hands. Images of graceful animals will be a worthy addition to any design. It is only necessary to competently approach the choice of the drawing and the place of its placement.

How to make a template yourself

Screen patterns are a great alternative to traditional and somewhat annoying methods of decorating walls. You can purchase templates of a given topic at any hardware store and point of sale of decorative elements. But it’s much more interesting to make cat stencils yourself. As a basis, you can take your own invented drawing or use ideas from the network.

The material used to make the template must be resistant to getting wet from watery paint and tearing in case of creating partitions in the picture. Plastic and cardboard meet all these requirements. When using plain paper, it is better to laminate the finished stencil.

The manufacture of the stencil of cats is performed in the following sequence:

  • The image printed or drawn on a sheet is transferred to the substrate.
  • When working with cardboard, it is convenient to use a carbon paper, with plastic - a regular marker.
  • In the image transferred to the base with the help of scissors and a clerical knife, all the internal parts are cut, not amusing to leave membranes between them.

The main advantage of this decoration method is that it does not require artistic skills to cover the surface with drawings by transferring it through a template. You just need to "fill your hand." To do this, you should first practice by applying a sample on a Whatman paper or a piece of old wallpaper.

Cats stencils for living room

Cat themes can create a special mood in the room. Choosing a template for decorating a living room, the main thing is to choose a drawing based on a given interior style.

If there is a wall not covered with furniture in the hall, start decoration with it. For a spacious plane, it is worth choosing large subject drawings - they will look most advantageous.

Feline decor is appropriate to beat the location of the shelves and the connection points of the switches. For the design of switches and sockets, miniature images of four-legged cuties are better suited.


To get the job tidy, follow five simple rules:

  1. Apply the image on a dry and clean base.
  2. Before applying the template, mark on it with a pencil the place of the future image, focusing on the height of the bottom and side points.
  3. To fix the stencil to the treated area, use special spray glue or adhesive tape.
  4. Apply paint with a brush and a sponge soaked in a small amount of the composition.
  5. In order for the paint to “lay down” evenly, “drive in” it while holding the brush handle perpendicular to the area to be decorated.

When spraying aerosol paint, the balloon must be placed with a distance of 30 cm. It is convenient to tint small elements of the picture with a thin brush, moving the tool from top to bottom.

We decorate the nursery with stencils

Vivid experiments in decoration can be safely carried out in the walls of a nursery. And it is best to carry them out in the company of the immediate inhabitants of the room - children. Let them choose the picture they like and take part in transferring it to the wall! You will be pleasantly surprised how exciting this activity is.

When deciding on stencils for decorating a nursery, make a bet on combining motives. This approach will make it possible to create entire thematic stories. For example: complement a black and white cat pattern with a floral pattern, some of which are decorated in bright colors.

Patterns templates cats - a universal thing. Their range of application is not limited only to ceilings and walls. The technique is appropriate for decoration:

  • fireplace areas;
  • mirrors;
  • furniture facades;
  • window and doorways.

With the help of such stencils of cats, it will not be difficult to select the desired area without fear of overloading the rest of the space.

Tip: When choosing a picture for a template, avoid images with lots of small elements. There is a high risk that in the process of transferring them to the surface, the paint will leak out of the contours. In addition, small details from afar may look somewhat messy.

Choose a stencil for decorating the kitchen

At all times, murals were considered a unique way of decorating walls. If we talk about the kitchen, which acts as the center of home attraction, then feline painting can add special charm to the space.

To decorate the kitchen, drawings that carry positive associations and cause positive emotions are perfect. Do you have any pets? What prevents to decorate the zone of their feeding with original drawings with the image of brothers.

Options where you can apply stencils with cats, a lot. You can beat the cat theme in different ways. You just need to show a little imagination.

In any case, making cat stencils on the wall with your own hands, you will get a great opportunity to create an inimitable interior, the design of which will not be analogues. After all, screen-printed cat drawings are a great opportunity to bring expressive decor made by one's own hands in the design of the room.

Watch the video: Cat Stencil Liner (April 2020).