Meal - dog food

Dog food "Meal" is considered professional, it began to be produced back in 1990. Its composition was developed by experienced Russian veterinarians-nutritionists for feeding animals in nurseries. But thanks to the excellent quality and affordable price, they began to enjoy popularity among ordinary dog ​​breeders. This food is positioned as an environmentally friendly product, fully adapted to domestic conditions for keeping pets.

About feed

"Meal" includes dry and wet food. Dry ones are represented by a wide range and are suitable for daily feeding due to the balanced content of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as the presence of all the necessary nutritional components.

The manufacturer claims that this product:

  • Improves digestive processes;
  • Increases vitality and immunity;
  • Slows down the aging process in your pet's body;
  • Provides good vascular patency and is the prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • It guarantees skin health and excellent coat appearance.

Wet foods "Meal" are made on the basis of natural meat products and cereals, and contain a complete vitamin and mineral complex. Preservation is carried out in a special gentle way, due to which all useful components are stored in the feed, and it has excellent taste.

Consider whether the products of "Meal" are so high-quality, and you can feed your pet with it.

Dog food "Meal": product range

Dry feeds are presented in a sufficient variety. The line includes:

  1. Uni - Nutrition for puppies and adult dogs during pregnancy. Sources of protein are beef and poultry. Recommended for feeding pets up to four weeks old and up to a year old. The feed contains a balanced amount of nutrients that contribute to the normal development and growth of the young body, and fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. Granules are perfectly softened in water, which will facilitate the transition from milk to solid food. The feed contains 27% protein and 8% fat.
  2. Bio - adult food for normal weight animals based on chicken and beef meat. It is made taking into account the needs of the body of dogs aged from one to 6 years. It contains the optimal amount of phosphorus and calcium, which contributes to the health of teeth and bones. Enriched with vitamins A and E. Protein content - 22%, fat - 8%.
  3. Pro - for pets leading an active lifestyle and wasting a large amount of energy. It contains 26% protein and an increased amount of fat - 12%. Composed of meat and animal products.
  4. "Mini" - takes into account the needs of animals of small breeds and contains an increased amount of protein - 28% and fat - 18%. It is made on the basis of meat and animal products.
  5. "Bio-Balance" - Products for pets over 6 years of age with moderate activity. The source of protein is beef and poultry meat. Contains nutrients necessary for an aging body. An increased protein content of 24% supports muscle mass, while a low fat content of 5% supports optimal weight.
  6. Optimal - for pets living in urban conditions, in which the load and activity are reduced, and the age is in the range from 1 year to 6 years. Sources of protein are beef and poultry meat. Contains 20% protein and 6% fat.
  7. Prima - for pets kept in enclosures and northern conditions. Includes beef and poultry meat. Contains 25% protein and 12% fat. They can also feed dogs of various breeds living at home, but leading a very active lifestyle.
  8. "Maxi" - food for pets of large breeds based on meat and its products. Contains 19% protein and 5.5% fat.

The manufacturer also offers dog food of all breeds that have the same composition and nutrient content (22% protein and 11% m fat), but differ in tastes:

  • With salmon and rice;
  • With chicken and rice;
  • With lamb and rice;
  • With three kinds of meat - lamb, rabbit and turkey.

Canned food

The range of wet dog food Trapeza includes 4 types of canned food made on the basis of natural meat:

  • With lamb;
  • With beef;
  • With poultry meat;
  • Meat trio - with lamb, beef and poultry.

The content of proteins and fats in them is also the same and is 8% and 7%, respectively.

Composition of dog food "Meal"

Consider the composition on the example of food for puppies "Uni". In the first place there is beef, the amount of which is not indicated. On the second - poultry meat also in an unknown quantity. There is no indication what kind of bird, which is a significant minus, since when eating chicken, many animals have an allergic reaction. In third place - meat offal, it is not specified which. Although in itself the arrangement in the first positions of protein sources is already a definite advantage.

Further in the composition we see cereals, and again the manufacturer did not indicate what it could be - barley, wheat, rice, oats, etc. The following are animal and vegetable fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In general, it is clear that the composition is not rich, and it is impossible to evaluate the real quality of the ingredients.

If you consider the composition of canned food with lamb, it will indicate the following: lamb, offal, not more than 2% of cereals and gelling additive. It would seem that the product is not bad, since its main part is meat ingredients and there are very few cereals. But in fact, we can’t find out how much lamb was used in the manufacture and what offal was included in the feed, so it’s again difficult to make a conclusion about its quality.

You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dog Food

The benefits include:

  • Lack of soy, artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives;
  • Widespread and low cost. On average, the price of such feed is from 1340 rubles. for packing a dry product weighing 13 kg and from 110 rubles. a can of canned food weighing 750 g. You can purchase products in zoo shops, ordinary supermarkets and online stores;
  • Judging by the composition, most of the proteins are of animal origin;
  • A wide range in which you can choose food for dogs with certain physiological characteristics;
  • The food has supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals.

The disadvantages include a rather poor composition, in which the ingredients and their percentage are not exactly indicated.

Dog Food Reviews

Reviews of dog food The meal is very diverse. This product is completely satisfied with some dog breeders, while others remain unhappy with it, and are looking for other options for feeding.

Let's consider some of them:

Nikolai Petrovich, owner of the shepherd:

"We decided to buy food for our shepherd dog at the age of two years. The meal is domestically produced, and does not differ from the more expensive foreign counterparts. The granules have a pretty pleasant smell. The composition, in principle, is normal: poultry, meat offal, cereals, vitamins, oils and microelements. The dog eats well with this norm, which means that the food is quite nutritious. In my opinion, it occupies a worthy place in this price segment. "

Here is another review of dry food Meal, which is the exact opposite of the previous one:

Christina, mistress of a purebred dog:

“For a very long time I was looking for suitable food for my allergic yard dog, and I tried a huge number of brands in a few years. I decided to try the food Trapeza Prima, I heard from different people that he can restore normal digestion and reduce negative reactions in such animals. It’s Prima me It seemed the most optimal in composition. What can be said about this product: biscuits are quite large and very dry, they don’t have a meat smell. Fortunately, the pet has everything, and there were no problems with feeding. Romany, if earlier the dog ate about 220 g of food per day, this was eaten up to 450 g. The allergy didn’t disappear anywhere, but the quality of the coat became worse. In general, I didn’t like the food, there was no saving, and I did not notice a positive effect on the body. We’ll have to continue to look for new options. "

There is another positive review about dog food Meal:


“For several years I have been feeding dogs with Meal, and at the same time I have heard from dog breeders that I am mocking animals. However, my pets are completely healthy, active and have a beautiful appearance. At the same time, my friends who feed expensive products super-premium class, animals constantly suffer from stool disorder and itch a lot. And this despite the fact that I have labradors who are allergic in themselves, and mine are prone to fullness. And for many years there have been no complaints, I’ll continue to feed their meal and on. "

Such is veterinarian review about dry food for dogs

"Food Meal refers to economical products of medium quality. The manufacturer does not indicate the percentage of meat, but apparently it is not very much. In addition, almost every series contains chicken, which many dogs have an allergic reaction to. Vitamins and useful elements are present, but their content is very low, and the list itself is quite small.This food can be recommended for outbred and yard dogs that do not have a particular sensitivity to food quality, it is contraindicated for elite breeds. I mean, in this price segment there are feeds whose quality is much worse, therefore, if financial opportunities do not allow you to buy the best quality products for your pet, a meal will not be the worst option. "


From the foregoing, we can conclude that in its price segment the food Meal is one of the best, but there are a huge number of better options. In its composition, protein sources come first, and only then cereals, which is an undoubted advantage. In some items, there is even a liver hydrolyzate, which is usually included in the feed of the super-perm class. The product contains some vitamins and minerals, but I would like their list to be more extensive. In the series recommended for dogs of breeds of certain and having specific physiological characteristics, the ratio of protein and fat is selected correctly, which is also an undoubted advantage. Thus, we can conclude that dry dog ​​food is a worthy option, appropriate for its price, but if you have the opportunity to feed your pet with something better, it is better to give preference to higher-grade feeds.

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