Fat cats

Feeding pets is a pleasure. Buying expensive food and various goodies, the owners strive to express their love and care for cats and cats. Animals, in turn, gratefully eat everything that they are provided with, and this inevitably affects their weight.

Not always animals that resemble a bloated ball in shape remain agile and flexible, but their clumsiness looks very funny and amusing. This makes people once again look at the photos and videos of such cats, which makes such pictures one of the most popular.

Guinness World Records

There are many fat cats in the world, but not all of them were able to win titles and ranks. The owners of some made sure that their pets became famous all over the world due to their excellent appetite and excess weight.

Australian fat man

The largest officially registered weight of the cat was recorded in Australia. The owner of a record 21.3 kg was a well-fed cat named Snowball, more reminiscent of a huge white snowdrift. A fatty animal, despite being overweight, showed miracles of longevity for such parameters: Snowball lived 10 years, after which he died due to respiratory arrest, which is not surprising. If an adult had the same degree of obesity, his weight would exceed the mark of 270 kg.


In second place is a cat living in America. The owner brought his fat pet Otto to the veterinary clinic in order to euthanize the animal, as the cat was so fat that it was difficult to move around the house and could not go to the toilet on the litter box, since its priest had ceased to fit there. Veterinarians persuaded a man not to euthanize a pet, but to try to gradually limit it in food to stabilize body weight. After six months of following a special diet, the fat man was able to significantly lose weight, which greatly facilitated his life, but drove him out of the rating.

Record holder Meow

The third place in the Guinness Book of Records was taken by a cat with a funny name Meow, which looked like a medium-sized dog. He was only one and a half years old when the former owner, living in Santa Fe, turned to a cat shelter in order to transfer the problem animal to the specialists for permanent residence.

The fat pet reached a weight of 18 kg, which made it harder to care for, especially considering the venerable age of the woman (she was 87 at that time). Specialists began to adjust his diet and tried to return the animal to normal levels. Meow has become the star of several shows and television shows on the rules of nutrition for pets. A strict diet helped him get rid of several kilograms and soon there were people who wanted to take the popular cat home, but the consequences of obesity made themselves felt: Meow died at the shelter at the age of two years due to pulmonary insufficiency.

SpongeBob Square .... Belly

The fourth position belongs to another resident of America - a fat red cat named SpongeBob. The mass of this nine-year-old pet is 15.5 kg. Unlike previous heavyweights, a medical examination showed that all his health indicators are in perfect condition. But in order to avoid possible problems in the future, experts recommended adjusting the diet and putting a fat cat on a diet, as extra pounds can cause pathologies of joints, muscles, etc.


Cat Elvis, which, alas, is not included in the Guinness Book of Records, since this category was banned in 2015 because of the risk to the lives of pets whose owners deliberately feed their animals. This fat man is German and lives in Germany. At the moment, Elvis has reached a weight of 17.5 kg, which exceeds all acceptable standards. Because of the extra pounds, he has a whole bunch of diseases - from diabetes to atrophy of muscle tissue. He moves with great difficulty, has breathing problems and heart problems, so the owners intend to seriously take up his diet and gradually achieve weight loss, which will extend the life of Elvis. A special advisory group of four veterinarians has been established to monitor his health status and pace of weight loss.

Despite the fact that fat cats and cats look very funny and make us be touched, many animal rights organizations warn that the task of a caring owner is to control the weight of your pet, because obesity can lead to many diseases and, as a result to early death.

Fat cats from the Internet

The appearance of fluffy fat men on the Internet never goes unnoticed. People are ready to look at them daily, so their photos and videos are always in the top. Some in a matter of days gain thousands, and sometimes millions of views, and become real celebrities. Often when looking at such photos I want to urgently go on a diet myself. Sometimes fat cats try to get lost in the interior or merge with the environment.

On the Internet you can find photos where fat belts get stuck in different holes - that's where the time to think about an urgent diet!

But still, most of them, at any weight, feel like the most beautiful and graceful creatures that have entered our lives so that we constantly admire them, regardless of whether they are fat or not.

In addition to photos, owners of fat cats are constantly striving to capture their pets on video, so we can enjoy watching fluffy fat men who have fun, are ridiculously asked to eat or indulge, like little children.

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