Turner and Hooch: dog breed from the movie

The impressive and incredibly charming dog, which appeared on the screens in the late 80s with the release of the American comedy "Turner and Hooch", won the hearts of the audience. It is not surprising that after watching the film, the popularity of the dog breed of the Bordeaux dog became at its peak. What bribes the breed of dog from the movie "Turner and Hooch" that, despite the frightening, frightening appearance, its representatives are favorite pets in many houses?

Dogue de Bordeaux: breed description

The role of Hooch in the film of the same name was played by two dogs of the Bordeaux dog breed - Beasley and Igor. Beasley portrayed touching faces in the frame, Igor performed all the necessary tricks. Both representatives of this breed were united by one thing - they are very affectionate, sociable and loyal to their owners.

In life, representatives of a dog breed from the movie "Turner and Hooch" look no less presentable. Just look at this photo: a huge head, framed by wrinkles, with expressive eyes wide apart and a slightly flattened nose, a powerful neck, strong and muscular legs. It seems that in front of us is a giant menacing dog who will be an excellent guard, even if he does not make a single roar.

In fact, all animals of this breed are characterized by good nature and unpretentiousness in everyday life. They are excellent companions, both for people of advanced age, and youth, leading an active lifestyle. Do not worry if the house has children or small animals. Dogs are very reverent and restrained in relation to them.

Dogs are very smart, but because of congenital laziness it is quite difficult to train. Training dogs of this breed will be happy to replace with a passive rest, lying in a convenient place.

Brothers of the main character of the movie about the dog Hooch are endowed with watchdog qualities. They do their job perfectly, boldly, but without aggression protecting the owners of the house from any kind of encroachment. But unlike the easily excitable terriers, predisposed to catch fear in the district with their bark, the Bordeaux dogs are not inclined to make unnecessary gestures, demonstrating their ferocity only in moments of real danger.

Appearance Features

Dogues of Bordeaux are not entirely proportionate. They have a head that is too large compared to the body, a powerful chest and back, a thick and short tail, set on the croup quite low. Male growth reaches about 68 cm with a weight of 50 kg, bitches - 65 cm with a weight of 45 kg.

Appearance Features:

  • The head is wide and somewhat angular, has a trapezoidal shape. The forehead is wide, framed by skin folds, which acquire mobility at the moments of dog excitement. The jaws are wide, the chin is well defined. The eyes are large, expressive, oval. The ears drop, but at the time of excitement they rise on the top of the cartilage.
  • The body is well developed, but compact. The back is wide and straight. The powerful chest has a rounded shape. The stomach is moderately tightened. The tail is strong and slightly thickened at the base.
  • Extremities - legs are strong with strong bones. The fingers are tightly pressed against each other, powerful claws have a rounded shape. Forelegs shorter than hind legs. Due to this, at the moment of movement, the steps of the animal are soft and sweeping.

The coat of Bordeaux dogs is thick and short, very soft to the touch. The prevailing colors are burgundy brown, red and golden fawn. White spots may be present on the chest and fingers.

Like representatives of other large breeds, Bordeaux dogs often suffer from hip dysplasia. The large head size of puppies often causes difficulties in the process of childbirth.

Care for animals of this breed

Dogs of the popular breed from the movie "Turner and Hooch" are not demanding in care. The only thing - because of the large size, keeping such a dog in the apartment is quite problematic. It must be taken daily for a walk, thereby forcing to maintain a stable physical shape. Despite the large dimensions, the dog does not need large loads. Enough daily walks with active games for 20-30 minutes.

Regular bathing will not only bring pleasure to the pet, but also reduce the risk of irritation and infection of the skin. When carrying out hygiene procedures, special attention should be paid to folds. They should be washed with warm water from dirt residues. It is convenient to use rubber gloves to comb short and thick hair.

With proper care, animals of this breed calmly live to the age of 8-10 years.

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