Territorial aggression in dogs

Dog owners sometimes encounter the problem of disobedience and pronounced territorial aggression of the dog towards fellow tribesmen or people. Most often this manifestation is territorial aggression in dogs. Of course, the territory on which the animal obtains food, rests and reproduces needs to be protected. But, if in the wild, such instincts help to survive, then in the conditions of the city they pose a problem and danger to others.

The reasons

Distinguish between territories with a constant and "floating" border. The protection of the territory with clear boundaries is most pronounced, it can be a house, an aviary, a car, etc. And regardless of who crosses this border, aggression is manifested by a growl, barking, possibly even bites, and intensifies when the distance between the dog and the adversary.

In a new place, the animal feels less confident. Aggressiveness is part of normal behavior.

For a dog, protecting the territory within which it is located is quite natural. And it is expressed to a greater or lesser extent depending on the breed, gender, age, character, and of course, upbringing. A sense of ownership is formed in an animal up to about 1.5 years old, in males it is more pronounced. Territoriality, in the first place, is characteristic of guard breeds and shepherds, in service animals it is manifested to a lesser extent, and it is not at all characteristic of decorative and hunting dogs.

Proper puppy education

Sometimes owners unknowingly make mistakes in education, which reinforce the territorial instinct. And they confuse the desire to protect the owner with the manifestation of territoriality, when the animal protects its own interests. First of all, you should not allow the dog to decide what to guard on his own.

Territorial aggression in dogs should be strictly controlled by the owner’s team. Walking along a certain route, especially if it is the perimeter of the park, involuntarily develops the animal's sense of ownership of the entire terrain.

To reassure an aggressive dog, the first thing the owner does is hold him down, pet, sometimes give a treat, this cannot be done. Weasel is perceived by the dog as praise, and in this case, for expressed aggression.

Dog behavior correction methods

The first thing the owner should do is change the route of the walk. As already mentioned, in the new territory the dog behaves calmer. Be sure to keep the animal on a leash and in a muzzle. At a close meeting with other animals and people, try to plant the dog with a team and award a treat for calm behavior. It is pointless to scold and shout at the animal; teams should be given in a confident calm tone. In case of disobedience, it is necessary to indicate who is in charge here, sharply pulling back the leash.

It happens that the dog chose a house as its territory and, of course, aggressively reacts to everyone who crosses the threshold. In this case, the animal is not allowed to meet guests, but is closed in another room. Only after some time the dog can be led to visitors on a leash and praised for calm behavior. It is advisable that the guests do not show interest in the pet.

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