TEDDY FOOD - social service for whiskers

TEDDY FOOD is a social service for whiskers. A few clicks and a homeless pet gets a bowl of food, and you watch him feast on him in real time. Everything is simple and transparent!

Briefly about TEDDY FOOD

Every year there are more and more homeless animals on the streets. But fortunately, young minds are looking for a solution to this problem. And today the most interesting project in Russia in this area is TEDDY FOOD.

Thanks to him, you can order a number of services (feed, treat, toys, etc.) for the selected pet from the shelter, and then follow how all this is done online. For any of the actions the user receives ranks and points. Prices for assistance start from 15 rubles.

Game feed

One of the main features of the help at TEDDY FOOD is the game feed. Perhaps that is why he attracted so much attention. National Geographic, Animal Planet, Cosmopolitan, Dima Bilan, The Village, Leprosy and others have already managed to write about the project.

The points received by users can be used again to help animals. And in the near future - to exchange for cafes, goods in pet stores and other project partners. And the awarded titles testify to the assistance provided.

How does the service work?

The project team sends video cameras to the shelter for free and carries out 100% transfer of funds to animals. Each tailed is allocated from 20 to 30 days in the project. This time is enough to provide him with all the important services, feed him with stock, and also advertise through reposts.

If the pet is not taken away, he returns to his former place in the shelter, and the project continues to search for a house for him. In his place falls a new four-legged friend.


The creators of TEDDY FOOD consider their mission to attach as many pets as possible. Therefore, the service is so bright and friendly. There are no imposing calls for help and much attention is paid to the quality of the content.


The developers have tried to make the assistance as transparent as possible. Therefore, in addition to surveillance cameras in the pet’s card, they made a help tape.

Thanks to her, you can track every 10 rubles transferred to the pussies. And also who, whom and how helped. After the provision of services, a report on the work done becomes available for each animal: check, receipt.


TEDDY FOOD is a young but very promising project. While there are few animals in it and in just 30 days he completely rendered honey services to all the pets, fed them for months to come. And most importantly - one tailed friend is already attached.

Therefore, a fundraising campaign has now been organized on the Boomstarter crowdfunding site. With the funds raised, the project team will be able to connect more animals from shelters across the country and make the service more convenient for users.

The founders have ambitious plans. With the money raised, they plan to connect up to 100 pets, which will change every 30 days. And they plan to attach 15 animals per month.

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