Cat tattoo - sketches and meaning

Choosing sketches for a cat tattoo, many are interested in the meaning of the pattern. It is known that this animal is deeply symbolic: it personifies the feminine, symbolizes independence, cunning, dexterity, grace, this is good and evil in one hypostasis. Anyone who can read a tattoo on a cat can accurately unravel the character of a person.

Egyptian cat

In ancient Egypt, it was the most revered animal. In the form of a cat they represented the Moon, the second name of the sun god Ra was "The Great Cat",

The Egyptian cat is depicted as a black animal with a disproportionately elongated body and a curled tail. This tattoo is also called Bastet, after the goddess of joy and fun. She was presented as a person with a cat's head. Tattoo is suitable for impregnable, wayward, independent girls. For people who want to move up the career ladder, a tattoo becomes even a mascot. For women, Bastet has the meaning of the guardian of the family hearth.

An elongated silhouette looks beneficial on the legs and arms. If the image is small, then you can make a tattoo on the neck. The master’s task is to ensure that the cat moves in its natural grace. The big mistake is a sketch in the Egyptian style on wide areas of the body.

Images, usually in the Blackwork style, are complemented by small colored splashes in the form of gold jewelry of the Egyptian goddesses.

Black cat

Such tattoos are more often chosen by girls than boys. In this case, it personifies not so much insidiousness and magic, as resourcefulness, mystery and playfulness. The thing is what image will be chosen and where the tattoo will be located.

  • Little kitty on the wrist for romantic, infantile natures.
  • Tattoo in the intimate area with the image of a black cat with a curved back - the desire for relationships. More suitable for girls.

  • A black bully cat that looks good in open areas of the body. Emphasizes the eccentricity of character and assertiveness. Often in such a picture they see a negative image of an animal, its connection with the other world.

  • Images of a black cat on the background of the moon are endowed with a magical meaning. They are hidden and grace, and independence of character, and the desire to stand out. Moreover, the connection with the moon can be considered not only mysticism. In this way, you can read the hope of family happiness and comfort in the house.

  • Behind the ear, it is better to do only cat silhouettes or tattoos with the image of small black cats. Colored details are inappropriate here.

  • On the ankles and hands, graceful black cats with an elongated back look spectacularly. In these areas, it is better not to tattoo with sleeping animals, as such pictures visually distort the proportions of the body. A graceful cat will emphasize the elegance of a romantic nature. But with the image of only the head of an animal, girls need to be careful, since such a tattoo has its roots in the underworld.

  • On the shoulder blade and lower back, horizontally located tattoos look beautiful. And for the base of the neck are suitable vertical tattoos that visually stretch the silhouette.

Literary heroes

The most popular of them is Cheshire Cat, character of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". With his image, tattoos are made by cheerful, optimistic, confident people. Recently, the Cheshire cat has more and more adorned the bodies of young people and representatives of subcultures. His image depends on personal philosophy. Girls like cartoon pictures, and men prefer the more sinister Cheshire.

No less popular and the image of the cat Hippo ("Master and Margarita"). It is difficult to determine the age category for such a tattoo. Young people like ironic pictures more, and the image of a sedate cat attracts mature men.

Big cats

  • Panther is a symbol of strength, fearlessness, perseverance and determination. Tattoos with a big black cat are done more often by men. Women, who have chosen such an image for themselves, want to emphasize their independence. Often on the female body, such tattoos are associated with aggression.

  • Tiger - risk and excitement. This is due to the Chinese parable about the god of wealth, who was riding on a big tabby cat. The second meaning is anger, the desire to win. In the underworld, a tiger tattoo reads as "angry with power."

  • Lion is the king of the animals. In a tattoo it is justice and wisdom, nobility and power.

Girls also make lion tattoos, complementing the image of the predator with zentangle patterns.

Realistic image

Recently, not only sketches have been popular, but also tattoo photos with cats. Often people come to salons with a request to depict their favorite pet on the body. Girls like kittens, at a more mature age, women prefer the image of a sleeping animal, and men stop only on a tattoo with muzzles.

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